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About Us


There's a freedom and fearlessness experienced when riding a motorcycle. With Ride the Wind we are claiming that everyone deserves to have freedom from fear, especially when going home.


I'm Dax Jordan, the founder of Ride the Wind, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, creating motorcycle events to raise awareness and funds in support of local domestic violence organizations.


In 2016, I opened Torque Moto Cafe in San Diego. Defining Torque as "focused energy creating a positive motion", I asked myself, how would I chose to focus my energy? 


My answer was easy, domestic violence destroyed my family. There is nothing I'm more passionate about than saving someone this kind of heartache. 

Reaching out to various motorcycle clubs and individuals, I started inviting friends to join me. At our first event, there were many diverse types of people and bikes. They came dressed like aviators from the 1940s and in the end there was a united feeling that we were riding the wind of change.


Why aviators? Amelia Earhart embodied the bold, brave spirit of someone who dared to take control of their destiny. A person enveloped in an abusive relationship lives in fear and must be brave and empowered to reach out for help and seek change.

“There's more to life than being a passenger.”

- Amelia Earhart

Ride the Wind is a roar of motorcycles calling for freedom from fear, protection for all those women, children and yes, men, who long for loving, safe relationships. When we tie our turquoise feather to the handlebars, we're uniting in this cause. Turquoise symbolizes protection, while the feather is for freedom.


Domestic violence does not discriminate because of race, sexual orientation or financial status. As it is an issue effecting 8 million woman annually, we attract a larger than average number of female riders to our events.

Most motorcycles have 5 gears, but none have reverse. Too often people get stuck in reverse, always looking in the rearview mirror, and never moving forward. They should learn to ride a motorcycle.

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